Best hotels near Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade route!

Here are some hotels that are very close to the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade route. Macy’s runs the entire block between Broadway and 7th Avenue East-West, and between 34th and 35th streets North-South.

There’s a Residence Inn at 6th Avenue and 39th street. Some rooms appear to overlook the route.

Residence Inn by Marriott New York Manhattan/Times Square
(212) 768-0007

The Martinique is on 32nd and Broadway and might, just might, have rooms overlooking Herald Square. Ask them directly. 212-736-3800.

I was going to suggest the Hotel Metro on 36th, but it seems to have closed and been replaced by the Kixby, a 4-star hotel. The beauty of staying there is that the parade route is right at the end of the block. The block should be closed to car traffic and you can walk or stand in the street. Kixby hotel
(800) 356-3870

Marriott Vacation Club Pulse is on 37th between 5th and 6th avenues. Again, 6th Avenue is the parade route so 5th Avenue to 6th Avenue will probably be closed, offering you the chance to walk in the street or to watch the parade from the street. Residence Inn by Marriott New York Manhattan/Times Square
(212) 768-0007

The Bryant Park Hotel on West 40th between 5th and 6th is an expensive boutique hotel. But again, the street should be closed to traffic and you could just walk to the end of the block to watch the parade go by.

Don’t worry about being in front of the crowd. Most floats and balloons are at least 20′ high, 6 m or so. That gives you the ability to see over everyone’s head! The last float in the parade is always Santa Claus. Here he comes, 20′ above the ground in his sleigh!

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