How To Beat The Line At Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

One of the most popular attractions the New York City is the Brooklyn Bridge. Thousands walk up it every day. Most turn back, but some have a goal in mind. They go down the Brooklyn side, exit by the left hand staircase, and walk down to Grimaldi’s Pizzeria at the corner of Fulton and Front Streets.

Grimaldi’s is one of the top pizzerias in the city, with a wide variety of pies. But you can’t buy a slice at Grimaldi’s; you’ve got to buy the entire Pizza. This means that single people rarely wait for a space at the tables. Usually, groups of at least two and maybe six people wait in a line outside during the tourist season. The queue can be longer than half an hour.

Brooklyn Bridge Park is just one block down the hill from Grimaldi’s. It’s more than a mile long and features rows of park benches and tables, looking out on the East River.

Brooklyn Bridge Park boasts one of the best views in the world: the bridge, the Statue of Liberty and the skyscrapers of the Financial District, directly across.

I mean, this is a world-class view, right?

So, let’s say you don’t care to sit in the pizzeria while eating your pizza. You’d rather find a way to get the pizza faster and not have to stand in line on the sidewalk. Here’s what you do: one member of your group walks right past the line and through the doors of the pizzeria. They order your pies at the order counter which is just inside and on the right. You can’t miss it. That person waits at the bar.

The pizza comes out of the back, and you walk right out the door again, past all the people waiting, with your pizza! You and your group go down to the park and enjoy your pizza while taking in this tremendous view of Manhattan and Miss Liberty. No muss, no fuss.

Buon appetito!

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